Author Topic: Avast harassing restart then eventual forced restart by preventing PC sleep.  (Read 232 times)

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This is really annoying. I keep a lot of stuff open on my PC and don't want to restart very frequently. I occasionally get these notices that says Avast needs to restart my PC for an update, offering me to choose a time that works for me. If I select "Next Century" (which I always do) then it should hold fast until I reset the PC for another reason. I've had this same experience on more than one PC, now if I postpone too long, Avast is forcing my PC not to sleep and force a restart. The whole point of "Next Century" should be "I don't f***ing care and I'll restart when I feel I need it, which may be a few weeks away. Don't force my PC to stay awake until you get your way, nor should you send that stupid pop-up every single day when I say remind me next century.

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Avast Anti Virus as an application and Windows 10 the whole OS,  have this in common.
You no longer control your own PC.

That's the main reason I dumped Windows 10, reverted to 8.1 and made do with Windows Defender

If you want to run avast, you have to accept this behavior, it's as simple as that

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