Author Topic: WARNING: Network Drive Files freezing with M1 MacBook Pro Max Chip with Monterey  (Read 104 times)

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I fought with this issue for many many hours before realizing what the problem was!!!!

At our college we have a Synology network. I recently upgraded to the new M1 MacBook Pro with Max chip which also has Monterey. I noticed our network drives seemed to open a little slower than normal and files would load slowly... but then I ran into a major problem. I went to save an Adobe Acrobat PDF and I would get the spinning color wheel (beachball) for like 20 min before the program would crash. Surprisingly it would save the file after all of that. Here's what I then proceeded to do:

-Restart the Mac - same problem
-Run in safe mode - same problem
-Reinstall Monterey - same problem
-Reinstall my time machine backup - same problem
-Installed time machine backup on a second Mac (that I had for home) - same problem
-Renewed my IP - same problem
-Tried going on WIFI - same problem
-Restarted our Synology server - same problem

Then, I noticed in network preferences it listed Avast security as an option and it said it used VPN. I uninstalled avast and immediately everything worked (and much faster than it ever had before - which was cool)

I then tried to reinstall Avast One and immediately the problem happened again. Finally I removed it and we are back to running smoothly.

Figured I'd post this because I hadn't seen it anyway.

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Our developers will investigate this issue.