Author Topic: Avast pop-up notification: "data breach." Are the notifications logged?  (Read 1203 times)

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Hi.  I am trying Avast antivirus for the first time. 

I visited a website earlier today and an Avast pop-up notification appeared stating: "this website has recently suffered a data breach."

I need a copy of the notification.

The notification "disappeared" as soon as I attempted to access a screenshot program.  (Nice "canceled" timing).

I do not want to clear my browsing history and I cannot find an option to review the Avast notifications.

Is there a way to access the notification again? 

Is there a record of the pop-up notifications in the Avast antivirus software?

Is there another way to access the website and then attempt a screenshot while the pop up is still "hopefully" on the screen?

Thank you.

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