Author Topic: Why do I have no order history? Where is my subscription? (UPDATE)  (Read 1167 times)

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I posted this last year:

This year I was charged $99.99 once again. Well, its a pending charge. I have ZERO dollars in my checking account, so the charge can't go through until i deposit tomorrow. Of course, this wouldn't happen if i weren't charged $99.99 OUT OF NOWHERE.

There is NOTHING in my subscriptions on my online account, my order history is EMPTY. This is extremely aggravating. I contacted Avast by phone for a refund and was told that there is no record of my email and therefore no orders or anything. It just doesn't exist I guess. Yet my card is being charged. She suggested that I contact my bank to see if they have an order number attached to the charge, because without an order number I can't be helped.  What is this??? I frequently receive emails from Avast about deals and sales, so CLEARLY my email has to be on record somewhere. The strangest thing of all is that a few weeks ago I actually deactivated my subscription renewal on my old laptop, where I had the Avast SecureLine VPN app installed. I wasn't expecting a charge this year. I have since deleted the app on that laptop, though I have it on my new laptop. When I go on the app and press "my subscriptions," it says "You don't have any subscriptions." Then WHY am I being charged??? The charge comes from "DRI*AVAST SOFTWA" Is this perhaps a scam? I'm seriously contemplating telling my bank that this is a fraud charge and to not let it go through.

And i did submit a support ticket, and it went through (I was given an Avast Request reference number), but i have yet to receive a confirmation email?? Even though the page said would get one??HELP