Author Topic: Melih Abdulhayoğlu: genius, madman, or just purporting another cloud scanner?  (Read 59121 times)

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My comment referred to "Melih is mentally ill" and nothing else.
Ok. I did not make that comment. I'm not a doctor but something makes me think that a CEO can't be mentally ill. I wish I were a CEO... But my annual revenue won't reach that far :)

To be honest.. I don't care and if Bob came by himself or if he got paid for it.
Oh, sorry. I do care.
In Comodo forums they're taking Bob as avast PR or avast team. He is not. So, it does really make a difference of attacking him personally or implying that avast company is making that on purpose. It does really make a difference on personal opinions and paid ones. Again, my 0.02 of common sense :)
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Also, the badmouthing STARTED once he was close/offered the JOB hence it is safe to assume its due to his partial employment.

You have obviously no idea what you're talking about; your assumptions are rather funny.
Bob is certainly not paid to act on Comodo forums (if we wanted to badmouth Comodo, it would be rather stupid to do that way, don't you think? It wouldn't be that hard to make a fake identity without posting links to the blog.) - from what I can see, Bob simply likes (or liked) Comodo and is rather unhappy about the recent moves. Also, it's hard not to react to Melih's crazy accusations and insane stories.

Anyway, guys, I believe it's time to close this thread. There are people you simply cannot argue with, cause everything gets twisted in every possible way... and I'm afraid nothing useful will come from going on.