Author Topic: Windows XP stops at aswRvrt.sys; Loads Black Screen with Cursor, NO Windows  (Read 12552 times)

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I tried booting up the computer using the OTLPENET only to get a blue screen as attached.

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To me it looks as though you have a hardware problem

First thing to check will be the memory

Full instructions here

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You may be able to also reboot your machine and on POST ( know, where logo of PC manufacturer comes on screen) hit the "F" key associated with "enter or boot to BIOS".  Many BIOSes have a memory hardware test built in.
Just a thought.............
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Do you have Windows XP x64 Edition?
There is an old bug with black screen on startup with this OS

In the old days when I met this problem I heard that changing "HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\aswSP" to "4" can help (register editing can be done via another Windows copy working with your HDD).