Author Topic: Avast SafePrice - Disabling Popups Selectively  (Read 1793 times)

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Avast SafePrice - Disabling Popups Selectively
« on: October 30, 2017, 04:00:23 PM »
Hello forum,

I'm posting with hopes of inciting change and improvement.

I think Avast SafePrice is a good idea which is somewhat poorly executed. It does pop up on many websites that are quite helpful; however, it also pops up on websites where it's irrelevant. At present my main complaint is that there should be a way to permanently disable the extension from popping up on chosen websites--not just being able to disable it for 24 hours, as is currently the case. Also, oftentimes, the deals it shows on the relevant websites aren't necessarily relevant themselves, e.g., some links don't connect as expected to the supposed products/content for which the price comparison is being made. Though I know extensions can't be perfectly programmed and calibrated--particularly those with complicated algorithms like this one--I believe these are things that can be improved. I think this extension can be helpful, and I'm hoping for change and improvement moving forward, which I know will come, but most especially, I'm looking forward to my main issue being resolved; I'm looking forward to being able to permanently set SafePrice to not pop up on chosen websites.

Anyone else?
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Re: Avast SafePrice - Disabling Popups Selectively
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2018, 09:05:39 AM »
I've just recently added Avast to a new laptop I bought, all my other computers have ESET on them but as I don't have enough licences to cover the laptop as well I decided to at least just put Avast on it as at least it's some kind of protection from viruses and malware.  I've not actually had to use Avast on any of my machines in a number of years as I've had ESET but remembered Avast was one of the best free ones out there.

I then opened up Chrome and there was a message there telling me that "Avast SafePrice" plugin is trying to add itself to Chrome - do you want to allow this... I thought I don't recall agreeing anywhere in the install program to Avast putting on any plugin into Chrome and with a name like "SafePrice" it certainly doesn't sound like any type of anti-virus plugin for Chrome, it actually sounds more like Adware so I told Chrome not to install it.

After searching I found out that all it does is recommend to you the cheapest price if your buying an item...  I take it the "cheapest price" it's showing is from shops that are paying Avast to advertise them rather than the genuine cheapest price, and I presume to become a "trusted" shop you need to pay to advertise with Avast?  I actually deem this to be a form of adware and I'm actually quite disappointed in Avast for it.  I install a program that is an antivirus that is SUPPOSED to block things like malware, viruses, adware, and other things that can harm your computer and here they are actually installing adware onto my computer as part of the antivirus.

I'm sorry Avast but you used to be a good free antivirus but taking this tact has made me lose faith in your product.  I know you need to make money from Avast but you could be a bit more clearer to customers when installing plugins that could be considered adware.  If when installing the program there had been a page on the installer that said something like "Avast is free, but we still need money.  If you like avast and would like to support avast then please allow us to install the SafePrice plugin to your browser, and we can also offer you the cheapest products from the internet" and have an accept or decline button there then that would have been much better and trustworthy than just trying to install it behind the customers back which is what dishonest adware programs do.

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Re: Avast SafePrice - Disabling Popups Selectively
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2018, 09:16:51 AM »
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