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Good morning

1) I had apps locked on my Samsung S9+ with Avast premium security with a set unlock pattern and fingerprint (luckily I set it to unlock with fingerprint).

Today, I wake up to find that my unlock pattern has been changed and now I can't unlock anything with the pattern that I set and there is no way to find the current pattern. I had to undo app locking.

Does anyone have this happened to them before?

I have anti malware and avast installed on my phone and scan it regularly (weekly) so I don't understand how this could have happened.

Please advise, anyone?

2) I purchased avast cleanup premium (multi device) and it is installed on both my laptop and smartphone.
I am unable to activate it on my smartphone and it keeps telling me it can't find the subscription, please refer to attachment of screenshot.

I thought this is for multi device and I am able to activate it for my laptop and smartphone?
I currently have Avast premium security, secureline and this purchased and installed on my laptop.
I was able to activate the premium versions of security and secureline but am unable to activate cleanup premium.

Please advise.

Last - for such a renowned company dealing with online security, I am so disappointed that there isn't a way to contact their tech support for help with the problems above. I have to come to a forum to post about my problems and seek advice from other users. That's like selling the product but leaving the support of the product to the other buyers who have bought the same product.

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Hi Roary!

1. A few other users have reported this, the team was immediately able to reproduce this issue. It happens after updating to version 6.25. We will fix this in the upcoming version. In the meantime, users can still unlock it with a PIN or fingerprint.

2+3. Support is a paid feature, so you should always be able to contact us from a product's Menu. Please do so in this case as well - my colleagues need to check your licence to be able to say what is wrong and fix it.