Author Topic: ** ANOTHER PRE-RELEASE BUILD NOW AVAILABLE [6.0.1044] - IS THIS THE LAST ONE? **  (Read 224376 times)

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Updated via GUI in My XP SP3 Home Edition Computer and everthing is working good here... I don't see any problems here...


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Update using GUI worked fine.

However there were three apparent issues with 6.0.1035 one of which remains and the other two I am not sure about.

The issue that remains is.

I uninstalled the Safe Zone because of one of the apparent three issues with 6.0.1035 that I noticed had to do with exiting Safe Zone and the computer display.  When I exited Safe Zone my Monitor became dimmed.  See signature for my grahics/display chip.  So I uninstalled Safe Zone by uninstalling the Gadget and then rerunning the 6.0.1035 installer with "Safe Zone" option "x'd" out.   That appeared to uninstall Safe Zone.  However, when I went reinstall Safe Zone using both the 6.0.1035 and 6.0.1044 installers I got an error message and Safe Zone did not appear to reinstall.

So at this point it appears that I need to uninstall AIS and then reinstall AIS with the Safe Zone checked, which is the default, in order to get Safe Zone operational again.

It would be tremendously helpful if there was a way to uninstall AIS and retain the settings during an uninstall.  I did not try a "moderate" uninstall with Revo Uninstaller to see if this would retain the settings because like I said I really don't want to risk that I will have to configure my settings again after uninstalling and reinstalling.

Anyone have any suggestions, other than doing an uninstall and reinstall which I don't want to do, because like I said above I don't want to have to configure all my AIS settings again.


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Still have trouble with autosandbox not releasing the drive...

Win Vista 32 bit avast free

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Thnx Vlk,

Updated via the GUI, and so far so good :)

Greetz, Red.
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Updated using the built-in updater and everything seems to be running just fine.


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Everything is running fine on my laptop with this release [6.0.1044].


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Everything seems to be running smoothly with this build.


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Installed and running smooth as butta!

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Will you fix problems between Sunblet Counterspy drivers and Avast Internet Security sandbox? I always get BSOD when I open internet browser in sandbox mode.

Even in this build?

Unfortunately -I still have problems between Sunblet Counterspy and Avast Internet Security sandbox.

Thank you.

Bye. Lep pozdrav :)


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Another problem with sXe Injected:

2011/03/23 23:39:47 - Win XP (5.1.2600 Service Pack 3)
2011/03/23 23:39:47 - version: 11.6 (Fix 1)
2011/03/23 23:39:47 - open [77BFF566]
2011/03/23 23:39:47 - Platform: x86 detected
2011/03/23 23:39:47 - Starting Device Driver
2011/03/23 23:39:47 - service [C:\Archivos de programa\sXe Injected\ddsxei.sys]
2011/03/23 23:39:47 - Open manager OK
2011/03/23 23:39:50 - Create Service OK
2011/03/23 23:39:51 - GetLastError(31)(Uno de los dispositivos vinculados al sistema no funciona.

2011/03/23 23:39:51 - Start service error [C:\Archivos de programa\sXe Injected\ddsxei.sys]
2011/03/23 23:39:51 -  Load error, try again -----------
2011/03/23 23:39:51 -  * Cleaning
2011/03/23 23:39:51 -  * Stoping service
2011/03/23 23:39:51 - GetLastError(1062)(No se ha iniciado el servicio.

2011/03/23 23:39:51 - Control service error
2011/03/23 23:39:51 -  * Service stopped
2011/03/23 23:39:51 -  * Service deleted
2011/03/23 23:39:51 - service [C:\Archivos de programa\sXe Injected\ddsxei.sys]
2011/03/23 23:39:51 - Open manager OK
2011/03/23 23:39:51 - GetLastError(1072)(El servicio especificado se ha marcado para ser eliminado.

2011/03/23 23:39:51 - Craete service error [C:\Archivos de programa\sXe Injected\ddsxei.sys]
2011/03/23 23:39:51 - Error starting Device Driver

Back to 6.0.1035  :(

EDIT: In Windows 7 Ultimate x86 sXe works  :D
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I found an issue. I am running windows xp home and the web rep will sometimes rate web pages on google and some times they will load gray sometimes i have to reload the page for it to turn green. Seems to be a bug for me.

some times on my searches on google and yahoo search engine 1 result green out of 10 will show then a reload the page and they are all green something is not right! I restarted my computer and cleared my cookies. 


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i hope this is the last one.. even if it is probably wont see the release for a week.


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Installed Pro via GUI; no perceived problems.  :)

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I have the same problem as derry.
when i make a result in google i take this result with web rep:

But after a refresh of the page a take the normal result:

First if u see is grey and after refresh goes to green.
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I tried to run setup_ais.exe (1044) overy my 1035 and it always says config error and exit.

Windows 7 Ultimate x86 Simple Chinese.

Then I update it from GUI and it seems OK.
Now it request reboot.

I just come and post this information before reboot. :)