Author Topic: New BETA 4.5.536 - hopefully solving many of the issues...?  (Read 97836 times)

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Re:New BETA 4.5.536 - hopefully solving many of the issues...?
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   Re:avast pro not conecting to server
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Problem solved,  thank you all for your help..  

I had tried to upgrade while avast was active and ran into the timeout problem.  All it took to finally upgrade to .536 was to deactivate avast, download the beta and follow instruction to upgrade.

I do not seem to have any problems now

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Re:New BETA 4.5.536 - hopefully solving many of the issues...?
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That includes the accounts which use the default SMTP server, and those which use alternate SMTP servers.  But Avast allows outgoing mail only thru the default server, not thru the alternates.

If I'm understanding you correctly, the default smtp server is the one you connects the Internet. The default server into avast4.ini file is just used to send mail for analysis (for instance), it is not 'read' when specific smtp configuration is set into the email accounts.

The "default SMTP server" is used for outgoing mail from all accounts, unless another SMTP server is specified for a particular account.  It was set thru the Mail Wizard, and the information is retained in the [Mail Settings] section of the avast4.ini file.

As noted in my prior post, when I attempt to specify a different (non-default) SMTP server in any account, Avast will not allow messages to be sent from that account.  Avast is working properly for outgoing mail *ONLY* when mail is sent via the default SMTP server


I'm unable to send mail thru alternate servers, and still have outgoing messages scanned.

Are you using the last 4.5.536 version?

Yes, I'm using 4.5.536.  That was the subject of my posting.  I reported that I had upgraded to the current version, but that upgrade had not resolved the pre-existing problem of failure to recognize multiple SMTP servers.  (The problem doesn't seem any worse than it had been prior to the upgrade.)

Update:  After installing the two most recent upgrades (4.5.542 and 4.5.546), the problem which I had experienced (i.e., failure to recognize multiple SMTP servers) seems to be resolved.  Avast will now scan outgoing mail sent via different SMTP servers specified in various accounts in my mail client.  Previously, my Avast installation would allow sending only thru the default SMTP server.

OS:  WinMe
Mail client:  MSOE 6.0
Mail accounts:  Server authentication, non-SSL
Firewall:  ZA

;D As a relatively new Avast user, I'm very pleased with the program.  The continuing upgrades are much appreciated.  The forums are very helpful, too.  A welcome change from my last AV program!